Buhahahahaa (Taken with Instagram)


Okay I dont know how many times I have to say this but you music watch the Face The Music Tour Vid:

So, here’s the link to the trailer:


and here’s the link to the tour page:


Friday fire! (Taken with Instagram at 9404-98 Ave)

I feel sooo loved by @gomerch  (Taken with Instagram)

Yup @gomerch i got my prize today! Im so taking these to the lake this week! (Taken with Instagram)

Mittens aka Monster (Taken with Instagram)

Thought of @gomerch when i made this! (Taken with Instagram)

http://fcrps.me/1NW.2r12 here is the link to buy tickets to the edmonton show on october 29

@gomerch also sent me this. I <3 you guys too thanks a bunch i cant wait to wear the shirt and strt using the tote. (Taken with Instagram)

2 of 2 items from @gomerch  (Taken with Instagram)