in honor of the fob webstore relaunching earlier today, this week’s preorder giveaway will be 10 - $50 gift certificates to the webstore. preorder “Save Rock and Roll” and you’ll be entered to win one. if you already preordered, you’re entered to win. winners will be chosen at random.    
“Save Rock and Roll” out April 15 and 16th Worldwide 



Check out our new online store at www.faberdrive.com/store for huge deals on Lost In Paradise Tour 2012 merchandise!!!

Just go and grab everything!

Brand new tattoo in memory of Zach Mccormack and my opa.

This is my birthday gift from Lizzie. She’s my bestie forever and I don’t know what I would do without her!


abstract en @weheartit.com - http://whrt.it/VCwmSN

I promise I won’t be


GIVEAWAY- Two tickets signed by Josh Ramsay and Matt Webb of Marianas TrenchRULES
- Must be following me- Reblog as many times as you want- Likes don’t count
Winners will be chosen randomly and announced March 15th. Good luck!


Time for a bandom giveaway!
6 picks from shows (One’s signed by Tom of Hedley, one’s from Anti Flag and printed “The Terror State”, one’s signed by god knows who, sorry, and the other three are mysteries, wow).
7 1” pins. Kid Gib, Atreyu, Marianas Trench, Anti Flag, Fall out boy, Class Action Records and a local punk radio station.
Official patches from Anti Flag and Sum 41.
Original artwork by psychoslaughterman signed by Faber Drive’s original lineup. This art is not available anywhere, nor is this band’s lineup still in tact. :’(
Socialight CD “Change is Everything” signed by the entire band. 
Set lists from Moneen and Matt Mays. 
Marianas Trench and Tupelo Honey stickers, plus a couple fake bills given to me by Alice Cooper himself. 
THE RULES (there aren’t many).
Likes and reblogs count. 
No giveaway blogs, that’s ridiculous (RP’s are fine though). 
Open worldwide. 
You don’t have to follow me, since I’m not a bandom blog. But you’ll get a bit extra if you win and you do. I like new followers. 
Will be chosen via randomizer on Wednesday, March 6th.
Good luck!