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Look my bestie is spoiling me this Christmas! I love you bestie forever!


Give the glamour of endless city nights.
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Wher Were You 12 yrs ago today?

This is mainly for people who fall into my generation, but can you remember where you were 12 years ago today? Were you in class or just even in the school? Were you at home when you received a call from your parents asking you if you’ve seen what is happening? Well wherever you were at the time of 9/11 the world and time stopped  and I dedicate my prayers not only to the fallen heroes of today but the passenger’s and the flight staff on the planes.  I also dedocate it to the families that have had the emotional struggle of carrying on without them.

I want to see how sick people are. Reblog if you have ever been bullied physically or mentally. Ever been called a name. Cried at night. Ever been cyber bullied. Just reblog if you have been bullied.

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All of this is so true I could cry



Its that time again for all the Drivers to get together and vote for our boys in the Sonic Spinoff. at 9pm(PST) tonight and every night until they get into the hall of fame!!

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Cannot wait to ge this!!