Diamonds are a girls best friend (Taken with Instagram)


The shirts made it to their destination!



1. Nutella macarons. Seriously, this is my new go to snack and a bag of them is as good as a proposal.

2. Green juice, specifically the “Naked” brand. I got real bummed when I couldn’t find any in NYC for like a week, but I got one this morning. :)

3. Midsummer summer sales before fall…

Nuff said…COFFEE!!!!!

Taken with Instagram


On Thursday (7/26)  at 1PM EST, 100 of these bad boys will be up for sale in the Interpol store. Hand numbered, limited edition, first come — first serve. Start counting down the hours.

Count down has begin people


We love our fans!

Woo hoo i made Go Merch’s tumbly page! Kanekane1988 on twiiter people!

Larissa’s Top 5 of the week


1. Dark Knight opens! THAT’S BIG DEAL

2. Hail in July. Also a big deal. and possible proof of global warming?

3. Office was turned into a sweat lodge thanks to a broken AC on a 100 degree day. big, gross, sweltering deal. 

4. 1 week closer to shark week. SUPER BIG DEAL. 

5. I discovered THIS….yeah. you’re welcome, world.

Omg omg Shark Week…cant wait!!!!!

This for @GoMerch I

end of pretend.


It’s just a kiss with the force of a fist and I just wanted your heart to know our love is leaving you pistol whipped and our heat kicks your teeth down your throat. maybe its the end. baby, it’s the end. maybe its the end of pretend.  the of pretend. the end.

Yup old school